The Community Advocacy Project (CAP) is a collaboration between the Mississippi Workers’ Center for Human Rights (MWC), Mississippi Action for Community Education (MACE) and Quitman County Development Organization, Inc. (QCDO). It was established to provide low wage workers and their families with information about basic rights and entitlements. CAP is a community resource that assists those who are most often denied information that if obtained, could improve the quality of their lives. Through community forums, public hearings, community canvasses, popular education campaigns and rights-based trainings, local residents will develop strategies to combat workplace discrimination, environmental pollution, predatory lending, school segregation and inequality and the lack of decent affordable housing.

On June 21, 2004, CAP conducted its first Canvass for Human Needs in memory of slain civil rights workers: Schwerner, Goodman and Chaney. The canvasses were held in Sharkey, Quitman, Grenada, Hinds and Montgomery counties to discuss concerns of local residents and find out more about pressing problems low-income people face in Mississippi. Other subsequent canvasses were held in Washington, Claiborne, Sunflower, and Leflore counties.

Information obtained from the "Needs" canvass will be used to convene hearings before state legislators, government officials, social service agency representatives, public school officials and others. Information also will be used to publish a "Know Your Rights" manual that will be distributed to 15,000 families across the Delta and other parts of the state.

Another important initiative of CAP is the Mississippi Legal Advocacy Network (MLAN). More than sixty (60) Mississippi advocates, community organizers and elected officials have joined MLAN to provide advocacy support for individuals whose civil and/or human rights have been denied. Through MLAN, CAP partners will publish a referral directory and maintain Know Your Rights hotlines in key areas. The group also will evaluate potential cases and match lawyers and organizers with communities in need of assistance.

All activities and materials are free to the public. To arrange to have a training or organizing session conducted in your local area and to get more information about CAP, call 662-334-1416 (inside local areas) or 1-888-949-9754 if calling outside the local area. Knowledge is Power!

Below is a printable fact sheet in English and Spanish. To view, you will need to download acrobat reader.

Knowledge is Power--A Know Your Rights Manual
Knowledge is Power ("Knowledge") was published to provide individuals with valuable information about their rights.  The manual contains information on employment rights, fair housing, consumer rights and parents'/childrens' rights.  Since the printing of "Knowledge" in September 2005, CAP and Workers' Center staff have distributed more than 4,500 copies to individuals during door-to-door canvasses and special events across the state.  For more information on "Knowledge" or to order a copy, call the Workers' Center at 662-334-1122.

CAP Fact sheets in English and Spanish.
Fact Sheet, English
Fact Sheet, Spanish

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